What We Do

Our mission

To be the worldwide leader in major gift and legacy gift fundraising software subscriptions and services that help nonprofits increase revenues and decrease costs, while also helping supporters and employees find meaning in their lives.


Consider these two facts:

  1. Charitable giving has been stuck at 2% of GDP for more than 40 years.
  2. The average nonprofit organization’s first-time donor retention rate is only 17% among people making a first-time gift below $100.

So, if donation levels have been constant for almost half a century, where do you think all the donors are going if most of them aren’t being retained?

They’re hopping from one charity to another!

Why? Because donors want to give. But they don’t receive any love back from the charitable sector. So they hop around every year, hoping that they’ll find a “home”—a worthwhile organization that thanks them with genuine sincerity and keeps them informed with meticulous transparency.


At MarketSmart, we know we can fix this. Our engagement fundraising protocol and one-of-a-kind software can reduce fundraising costs, elevate that 2% and energize the charitable sector to better involve supporters so they’ll give more and stay put!

We help fundraisers zero-in on the donors most likely to make major or legacy gifts.

Our game-changing products track individual donors’ online engagements.

Then they score them to help fundraisers prioritize who should be contacted most urgently based on where they reside in the consideration process.



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