A Brilliant Stewardship Plan for Your Legacy Society Donors From Across the Pond

PlanThere’s brilliance across the pond!  Recently on my LinkedIn Group (Smart Planned Giving Marketers), Sharon Wangman outlined a plan for stewarding Legacy Society members.

Sharon said, “If your donors have included you in the Will you should visit; if you have bequest prospects you should visit. A person can easily take you out of the Will as quickly as they put you in. You need to have a ‘bequest communication plan’ in place.”
Here’s her plan:

  • 3 complimentary bequest functions a year
  • 2 bequest newsletters
  • birthday card, Christmas Card,
  • phone calls
  • visits

She also recommends using an Excel spreadsheet to list all the months of the year and all the activities you will do such as:
January – call each bequestor to wish a Happy New Year
February – post invite for March function
March – host function
April – post newsletter
Great job Sharon!  Thanks for sharing.

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