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To Visit or Not to Visit: Choose Wisely

It doesn’t really matter if you go on a visit TODAY. It also doesn’t really matter if you DON’T go on a visit TODAY. But… Read More

Tips for hiring major gift fundraisers

“Let’s hire Johnny… He knows everybody!” Here’s the problem: Johnny is an idiot. Let me explain. So many times, organizations want to hire major gift… Read More

What happens when you change your mindset

“I don’t want to waste your time.” Here is another common objection you will hear when trying to schedule visits. The donor will tell you… Read More

Stop making assumptions about your donors

“Major donors like to give in their backyard.” I call BS! One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that many people think that major… Read More

Do you have a job or do you have a mission?

“I was on a mission from God.” I met John the first year I started working in major gifts. John was a retired financial advisor… Read More

Why your greatest enemy in major gifts fundraising is the status quo

This challenge had me angry for more than a week… “Pharmaceutical sales reps have 15 meetings per day. Why can’t you?” Many years ago, I… Read More

Stories are more important than metrics

I was once at a fundraising event supporting an organization that houses pregnant homeless women. I saw one of the most incredibly generous examples of… Read More

“We don’t have the right people in our database.”

“We don’t have the right people in our database.” A Director of Development told me this a few months into a job. Of course, I… Read More

6 Simple Reasons Some Fundraisers are More Effective than Others

One of my clients raised over $1 Million in the last 30 days in major gifts. Here are some of the reasons they have been… Read More

Don’t Give Up!

“I’ve already made all of my giving decisions for this year, so there’s no reason for us to meet.” Here is another common objection that… Read More

Don’t get fooled by metrics without context

No one cares how much money you’ve raised. Displaying how much money you’ve raised on your website, on your LinkedIn, on your resume, or anywhere… Read More

Philanthropy happens in person, not at your computer

When getting started in Major Gifts, don’t be ashamed of starting small. When I first started as a Development Officer in Dallas, I barely knew… Read More

“We need new donors!”

I hear this so frequently from organizations that are not hitting their revenue goals. Before running out to get new donors why not start with… Read More

Keep calling!

It took me 16 contacts over a 12-month period to get a visit scheduled with one couple. They then went on to give over $100,000…. Read More

Are you a schmoozer?

If you think fundraising is about schmoozing, please change your attitude quickly or leave the profession. Several times I’ve heard fundraisers say that they’re good… Read More

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