At last, the Fundraising Report Card is now 100% free for nonprofits

In case you’ve never heard of it…

The Fundraising Report Card is a little application I had my staff build a couple of years ago. Basically, if you sync your CRM with it in one easy step or if you upload an Excel or .CSV file to it, you’ll get tons of amazing metrics and charts for your next board presentation.

It really is a miraculous and beautiful tool that’s very easy to use. Clearly I’m very proud of what we built! If you haven’t seen what it does, check out this short video.

Fundraising Report Card Video


Last week I decided to give it away for FREE to fundraisers at nonprofits, with no strings attached.

Here’s why:

  1. Running a business is hard and I’ve got my hands full with MarketSmart, its DAFwidget, and all the rest that we do.
  2. The Fundraising Report Card app has been generating revenue and the growth in users has been brisk. But that growth resulted in more and more requests for support, which spread my team thin at a time when we needed to be focused on MarketSmart’s core offerings. Plus, although the revenue was very profitable, it just wasn’t worth all the effort to me.
  3. And besides, I like to give stuff away. Just click ‘LEARN’ on my website to see what I mean. I’ve always wanted to be a philanthropist. But, if you’ve read my story, you know that I’m not a billionaire. I funded MarketSmart solely on my own because I didn’t want to have any bankers, private equity investors, or venture capital financiers breathing down my neck. So, since I don’t have millions of dollars to give away, for now I prefer to give away technology to help fundraisers in the sector be the best they can be.
  4. Plus, by giving the app away, I’m able to collect a lot more data for our benchmarks. If you haven’t seen them, go check ’em out now. They get updated every day as new data gets added to the system. Right now we’re measuring over $51 Billion in charitable donations among approximately 5,000 nonprofits. It’s really cool. And, you can toggle (on the right side) to see your sector’s metrics.

Spread the word.

If you think the app is cool, I hope you’ll spread the word with your friends. If they decide to upload their anonymous data (no donor names are needed), they’ll get to see/visualize all of these metrics below.fundraising metrics

Uploading data is pretty easy too!

All you’ll need to do is pull three simple data points:

  1. Donor ID numbers;
  2. Donation dates corresponding with each donor ID number;
  3. And, gift amounts related to each of the above.

If you get stuck, there’s help online.

help for using the fundraising report card

Consultants get special benefits.

We have a paid white label version available for fundraising consultants AND, soon, we’ll be making nonprofit fundraiser requests for help open to consultants. In other words, consultants paying for the white label version will be able to view the requests for assistance so they can interact with the fundraisers (users) to help them get the most out of the app.

We’re hoping that will lead the users to want to sign contracts with those consultants— a win-win for everyone.

So if you’re a consultant interested in growing your business, you might want to check out the app right away. You can also reach out to us for more information on the program at








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Lisa BergenWilson
4 years ago

This is the MOST generous offering for nonprofits I’ve ever seen! How incredible that all the tools I need (not to mention…but I will)…the hours saved in research and preparing charts for board presentations.

I’ve died and gone to nonprofit heaven!

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