Announcing notifications, new supporters table, major gift consideration status, updated map, and more!

It has been a busy month here at MarketSmart! Thanks to your suggestions, we’ve implemented a few incredibly useful features:

  • Notifications
    There is a new tab in the navigation that will alert you about any new engagements from supporters at the top of every hour. If you want to sign up for these email notifications, it’s easy! Go to the My Account tab on the left-hand side for daily, weekly or monthly notifications. We never want to bombard you, so you’ll only receive emails if you haven’t already seen the notifications in the dashboard.
  • Major gift consideration
    You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened! You can now see major gift consideration AND legacy gift consideration on any table in the All Supporters, Legacy Gifts and Top Movers tabs. Major gift consideration is based on the highest answer to any of the major gift questions you may have asked in an effort, including:
    • Speaking with a gift officer face-to-face
    • Giving through a donor advised fund
    • Giving assets
    • Giving through a family foundation
    • Giving property
    • Supporting a capital campaign
  • Re-organized data tables
    The tables in All Supporters, Legacy Gifts and Top Movers have a new order (shown below). Each page shows 30 supporters (10 additional names per page) and continues to automatically sort by recency date.
  • There’s a new map in town!
    Thanks to a wonderful client, we realized that supporters who didn’t fill out a city and state on a form weren’t showing in the map search. We have now improved the map so it shows the number of people in a certain area – what we call cluster maps. Now you can see the number of supporters in a certain geographic area AND no one is missing!
  • Hiding the filter The filter was simply taking up too much room! Now you can tuck it away as shown below.
  • Ability to filter by multiple campaigns Wouldn’t it be useful to show supporters who have activity in multiple campaigns? Now you can select as many campaigns as you want and the supporters who have activity in those campaigns will show in your filtered search!
  • Consideration movement Ever wondered who has moved up or down in consideration? There is now a filter called Consideration Movement so you can see who moved up (yay!) and who moved down (time to hop on the phone!).

You may notice several “feedback” buttons throughout the Dashboard now. If you like what you see (or you don’t) let us know how we can improve!

Have questions? Let us know if you’d like to chat.

In the meantime if you have questions, please email me and I’ll promptly answer!

All my best,

Elizabeth Weiland
Product Manager

July 5, 2018

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