7 new rules for marketing (including planned giving marketing).

Let’s face it. Marketing has changed. The old rules don’t work today and the Internet has proven to be a powerful marketing tool. Although many organizations haveNew rules for marketing and planned giving marketing employed informative websites for their planned giving programs, the tracking is not robust. Traffic is low and visitors are anonymous. Just having planned giving web pages online is not enough to properly cultivate your list from awareness to leaving a gift .

Here are the new rules you must embrace in order to attract prospects, capture leads and cultivate relationships:
1. People like to search for information at the time of their choosing. Thus, relevant information needs to be available 24/7.
2. The Internet is the most convenient and powerful search tool available.
3. People want to be informed and educated… not sold.
4. Your prospects and leads must be continually reminded about the information you can provide (otherwise they simply won’t use your website and you’ll be “off their radar”).
5. Frequency and building relationships are more important now than ever.
6. Multiple channels must be used to reach your targets.
7. People consume information in many ways. For example, some prefer printed materials while others enjoy PDF downloads.

Once you embrace these new rules, it’s best to employ sophisticated tracking tools so you know precisely who is logging on to your site.  Don’t wait for them to fill out a form.  If you do, over 90% of your web visitors will be anonymous.  Tracking tools are the key to determining who is most interested in your planned giving options.

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