4 things pizza and major gift fundraising have in common

A while back I wrote a blog post that included 5 best practices for delivering progress reports to major donors (sometimes including legacy gift supporters too).
Later on, my kids wanted Domino’s Pizza.
Honestly, I don’t like their food. But after I ordered the pizza I realized that they treated me really, really well. It was a great experience!
Thanks to their Pizza Tracker, I realized that I like to see what’s happening with my pizza!
1. It’s reassuring to know that they got my order and listened to me.
2. It’s exciting to watch it move from one stage to another.
3. It’s fun to be involved while progress is taking place.
4. It’s comforting to have a convenient feedback opportunity provided for me (so I can rate my experience with stars).
progress reports for donors
Then it dawned on me that my pizza delivery experience and your major gift progress reports have a lot in common.
1. Major donors want to be reassured that you “got” what they said and listened. Your progress reports should reflect their wishes.
2. Major donors get excited when they see things move from one stage to another. Your progress reports should show them the stages taking place when they aren’t present.
3. Major donors have fun when they are involved while progress is taking place. After all, progress makes people happy!
4. And finally, major donors feel comforted when they know they can provide feedback at their convenience.
Whether it’s $15 for a pizza or $1.5 million for a construction project (for instance), your progress reports are important if you want to get another gift.

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Bruce R. Mendelsohn
6 years ago

This post, while informative, has also made me hungry. Thanks, Greg.

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