4 powerful major gift "probing closes" (for moving your proposal forward)

A probing close is yet another phrase I made up. I do that… a lot.
Basically, it’s a question you ask when you feel your prospect might possibly be ready to agree to say “Yes!” to your proposal.
Here they are:
1.  If I could make sure to take care of [whatever objection they had or obstacle they mentioned], would you be ready to go ahead with this?
2.  What’s your timeline for getting this going?
3.  What would you like to see happen next?
And my all time favorite:
4.  Now, is there anything left that’s holding you back from moving forward right now?

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Lezli Roberts
Lezli Roberts
7 years ago

I was on the webinar yesterday, How to Raise Major & Planned Gifts with Surveys, but did not receive the presentation via email. Can you send?
Lezli Roberts

7 years ago

‘What would you like to do?’ That was a powerful moment (for me!) with a major donor.

7 years ago
Reply to  Karen

Nice one Karen!

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