4 great reasons to hire a capital campaign consultant

1. Large amounts of money are at stake. This might be the largest amount of money your organization will ever raise. Getting an experienced consultant onboard will increase your chances of success exponentially.
2. Time is of the essence. You’ll need someone who’s been there and done that to keep things on-track.
3. Failure is not an option. You won’t want egg on your organization’s face.
4. No flying by the seat of your pants! This is not the time to ‘wing it’ or experiment.

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2 responses to “4 great reasons to hire a capital campaign consultant”

  1. Mark Jones says:

    For some reinforcing comments and a look at a broader context (and problem), I humbly offer this blog post of mine from 2015: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dangers-do-it-yourself-campaigns-mark-w-jones?published=t.

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