3 questions every major donor asks themselves after they give

  1. “What did they do with my money?”
  2. “Would my money yield more impact if I gave it to another organization?”
  3. “Do they make me feel good or bad?”


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Darryn DiFrancesco
Darryn DiFrancesco
6 years ago

Not just major donors but every donor. My past work has shown that every dollar donated is prefaced with the understanding that past accomplishments coupled with positive image will invariably be increased the next ask.
These three factors seem basic but are often overlooked by many seasoned professionals. You need to be able to answer these questions to earn the donation. There’s a lot of organizations that are doing similar work; you have to stand out in a unique way that makes your organization the one a donor chooses to work with.

6 years ago

Agree 100% Darryn. Thanks!

David Barker
2 years ago

I’m trying not condescend here but I continue to be surprised when I look at charity websites, how many times I have to really dig through the site to find out what it is they are accomplishing. Lots about who they are, what they’re trying to do, how they’re trying to do it, etc. but little on what they have actually achieved. Inevitably in such scenarios, the answer to your 3rd question becomes bad, or at best confused.

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