3 major donor myths broken by Andrew Olsen

Andrew Olsen knows a thing or two about direct marketing. On his blog, he debunks 3 major donor myths that pertain to marketing. You can find them below. Here’s his proof that they aren’t true.
Myth #1: Major donors don’t give through the mail or online
Myth #2: Your best donors will freak out if you contact them multiple times within a few months
Myth #3: Social service organizations (especially those that feed/shelter the homeless) don’t have real major donor supporters

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6 years ago

Interesting, it is good to de-bunk donor myths, especially when they are practiced by so many of us! It is curious to think that donors will be surprised if you contact them often, but will that be in a positive or negative way? Sometimes donors respond very well when you try to engage with them on a more personal level. It can often depend on a case by case basis.

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