15 Reasons Why Colleges and Universities Better Start Raising Money Much FASTER!!!

According to Glassdoor, the following 15 companies no longer require college degrees.

I think they are starting to recognize that they can hire smart people without a degree. If that’s the case, soon fewer people might invest in a college education. Then, if that happens, colleges and universities will need to innovate, reinvent themselves, or depend on their endowments to survive.

Agree or disagree with me?

Here’s the list:


-Ernst and Young  EY

-Penguin Random House


-Whole Foods






-Home Depot


-Bank of America




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6 responses to “15 Reasons Why Colleges and Universities Better Start Raising Money Much FASTER!!!”

  1. This should raise some interesting responses! Thank you for always “putting it out there” and challenging conventional thinking. It is MUCH appreciated.

  2. Bill Horan says:

    Greg, glad you’ve raised this. I’m surprised the college bubble has not burst given the unsustainable and unaffordable costs, the realization that many degrees are of questionable value, and technological advances. I think there will be an enormous retrenchment with closures and reinventions for many schools. Not too mention the unfair student loan industry that places all of the burden and risk on students and families.

  3. Jim Allen says:

    I’m convinced that students go to Universities to get an education (often a useless one) then they have to go to a College to get a diploma to get a job. (In the Canadian context a University is a 4 year degree granting institution while a College is a 2 or 3 year diploma institution that provides skills training) Here in Toronto Humber College has a one year Fundraising Program for students with a Bachelors degree from a university. The program attracts Honours graduates, many with unusable degrees. The graduates of the program are snapped up quickly each year at very good salaries well above entry level.

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