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Trillions and trillions of dollars.

planned giving marketing with smartgiftmakerBetween 2000 and 2050 $12 trillion is expected to go to charity in the form of bequests.

That’s $12 TRILLION!

Or, 12,000 X ONE BILLION.

Imagine a pile of a billion dollars.  Now imagine 12,000.  Hard to do, huh?

Here’s some help thanks to Susan DameGreene’s website.  A six inch pile of $1,000 bills equals $1 million dollars.  Stack those piles as high as the Washington Monument and you get $1 trillion dollars.  So you’d need twelve of those to envision $12 trillion dollars.

Got that?

All that is going to charity.  But how much will go to your charity?  Now— that depends on how much time and effort you spend promoting planned giving.

Trillions of dollars planned giving transfer of wealth


  1. Jim Beaverson November 13, 2012 Reply

    That is a lot of money to support worthy causes and an exciting picture. Now add four more stacks and you get our national debt. Yes, we in the world of philanthropy know of the staggering wealth transfer projection numbers, but don’t forget so do our thrifty servents in Washington! Watch them closely! I suspect much of that hope will blow away in the winds of change in DC.

    • Author
      admin November 13, 2012 Reply

      Smart observation Jim. In my town there are taxes popping up everywhere. Speed cameras, red light cameras, taxes on plastic bags, etc. I think you are right to be concerned about more taxation on inheritances.

      Thanks for your contribution here.

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