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The simplest planned giving marketing strategy (5 things you must do)

The simplest comprehensive planned giving marketing strategy boils down to these 5 things:
-Building awareness: branding, education, PR/news stories, etc.
-Generating leads: acquisitions campaigns
-Cultivating leads: nurture campaigns
-Closing gifts: face-to-face, telephone, or personalized asks
-Stewarding gifts: acknowledgement, gift acceptance, donor recognition, etc.

Once you get your head around your overall strategy, then you need to choose which channels will help you meet your goals (depending on your budget). Last, you need to choose your tactics. Oh… and, finally, you need to actually do the marketing. Inertia and internal roadblocks/hurdles kill any chance of getting the results you desire.

I have found that direct mail and email are the most effective channels for generating leads if you have a good list and your organization is mid-sized to large. Otherwise, the telephone channel (calls in the form of donor survey/thank-yous) and the face-to-face channel work best.

The most important wild-card factor is the quality of your LIST.

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