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Direct mail still has a place in marketing

Although direct mail requires printing and postage, I have to say that… if it’s done right… it’s still one of the most effective marketing media channels ever. Don’t discount the traditional methods!  MarketSmart has generated millions of dollars for clients with direct mail.

But you have to be smart with it.  Make sure your list is segmented.  Personalize your message for each recipient to make it as relevant as possible.  Combine direct mail with an Internet landing page.  Drive respondents online for more information – then give them opportunities to convert into leads by filling out forms to take advantage of your offer.

Ahhh.  The offer!  Don’t forget that part.  You MUST have a great offer!!

And remember, if you don’t send highly targeted, relevant offers and information to your prospects…. it’s just “junk mail”.

Be strategic.  Use your data to send the right person, the right offer, at the right time and direct mail will deliver an exponential return on your investment.

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